Mirrors, reflecting pool and armature, fabric, LEDs, dimmer
Constructed on site at the Djerassi Resident Art Program
Woodside, CA

This installation is inspired by the idea of the night-traveler, for whom getting lost in the landscape can be a revelation of the self. Viewers arrive at night and hike a mile into the dramatic mountain landscape of the Santa Cruz Mountains, arriving at a creek running through a redwood grove. One at a time the audience is led to lay on a reclining bench, where lights are raised to create 24 reflections of her face. Each is in fact a double reflection, bouncing off both mirror and water, and thus showing the viewer a vision of the self as others see her.


Found lumber and tree stump, steel, fabric, plastic, water, parabolic mirrors, custom armature, LEDs

Coated in sound-reducing fabric, this sculpture creates a light-controlled environment with two pools of water with alternate reflections of the viewer’s face in the surface of the water. As in Beacon (above), each reflection in the interior bounces off of both mirror and water. This installation uses parabolic mirrors to flip the upside-down reflection back to right-side-up.