Private Tours Available to See Beacon @ Djerassi

Beacon , installation 2015

Beacon, installation 2015

While in residency at Djerassi's AIR, I developed a site-specific work meant to be seen in complete darkness. Beacon is installed along the Harrington Creek in a redwood grove, a half-hour hike out from Djerassi's headquarters. This summer there will be several guided tours to view the piece. Each meets at Djerassi at 8:15pm. Reservations are extremely limited. Contact me directly for a reservation in May. Tickets for June hikes will be available through the Djerassi website.

May 26
May 28
June 12
June 17

Explorers over the last three centuries have navigated dark sea waters aided by a sextant, which bounces light off of two mirrors. In Beacon, artist Jeremiah Barber uses reflection to create an installation inspired by the night-traveler, a person for whom getting lost in the landscape can be a revelation of the self. Built over the course of a month at Djerassi's Resident Artist Program, the audience encounters Beacon in complete darkness and one at a time. Small groups join Barber to hike out from the dramatic mountain landscape of the Santa Cruz Mountains, arriving at a redwood grove along Harrington Creek. The journey to encounter this piece––the downward slope of the hillside, the rolling fog, the owls hunting from the trees––is integral to the experience of self-reflection. Barber's work is an intimate encounter, drawing on external forces, reversing internal emotion, and providing an unseen perspective of the self.