Horizon Waver
Performance, 15 min
Aluminum, wood, fabric, stone
9'x16'x2" frame

Photo Aaron Rosenstreich


The Advocate
Ongoing performance documented on HD video
Variable runtime

On mornings when I can hear the foghorns of Golden Gate Bridge, I find a spot along the Presidio coast to add my voice to the harmonic alerts.


Other Half Orbit (with Ingrid Rojas Contreras)
85 min performance documented on HD video
Installation 10'x12'x16"
Custom reflecting pool, water and dye, cinema lights

In 2007 my partner, the writer Ingrid Rojas Contreras, was struck by a car on the way to pick up her wedding dress, three days before our wedding. She suffered a concussion and temporary amnesia. This incident became the inspiration for our collaborative work Other Half Orbit.

The installation consists of a large reflecting pool with built-in topographies to hold our bodies horizontally at exactly half-submersion. The images of our bodies become completed by reflection, and a secondary reflection of our shadows is cast on the wall. In the performance, we host an unscripted conversation about Ingrid’s memory loss, dreams, identity, and the possibility that we may never know one another fully.

Video by Rory Fraser and Christian Gainsley
Sound by Elisabeth Kohnke
Photos by Catherine McElhone, last photo Jamil Hellu


The Crossing
Installation and 3 hr performance
Curtain, cinema light, water
14'x20'x16" pool and platform


10 min performance documented on HD video and 16mm film
Installation 14'x24'x18"
Rice paper and adhesive, wire, custom reflecting pool

Video by Rory Fraser
Film by Christian Gainsley
Sound by Ryan Malloy
Photo by Andy Vogt


Lift/Head Filament
7 min performance documented on HD video
Rice paper, balsa, candle, adhesive

Video by Ingrid Rojas Contreras


Nonexistent, Come to Me
2 hr performance documented on HD video
Redwood branches, vinyl, monofilament, string

Video by Rory Fraser


Portrait of My Father Illuminated by Pounding Dry Ground
6 min performance documented on HD video
35mm slide projector

Video by Ingrid Rojas Contreras


I Spend the Day Walking Through Clouds
1 day performance documented on medium format film
Flour, 50 lb rice bag sewn by my mother

Photo by Greg Stimac