The Advocate


Though I live 5 miles from the Golden Gate bridge I often wake up to the sound of the foghorns. Whenever possible, I head to the coast with my camera, set it up and join the cacophony of the Bay. The foghorns are an old technology, yet there are 19 functioning foghorns in the San Francisco Bay that (alongside GPS) steer ships from the cliffsides, outcroppings, and pillars of the bridge. In addition, ships traveling in and out have their own sounds. In adding my voice, I am making a small contribution to the larger forces of commerce and natural beauty that define the Bay, and confounding the constant stream of nature-lovers and tourists of the Presidio.

HD Video Performance Document
TRT variable
San Francisco, CA


, performance

Other Half Orbit


In 2007 my partner, the writer Ingrid Rojas Contreras, was struck by a car on the way to pick up her wedding dress, three days before our wedding. She suffered a concussion and temporary amnesia. This incident became the inspiration for our collaborative work Other Half Orbit.

The installation consists of a large reflecting pool with built-in topographies to hold our bodies horizontally at exactly half-submersion. The images of our bodies become completed by reflection, and a secondary reflection of our shadows is cast on the wall. In the performance, we host an unscripted conversation about Ingrid’s memory loss, dreams, identity, and the possibility that we may never know one another fully.

Performance and installation
Custom pool, water, plastic, ellipsoidal theater lights
TRT 85 min
Southern Exposure, San Francisco CA



Make Me Change Me


These four video excerpts feature performers reading from texts found in the city’s trash.


I was invited to be artist-in-residence at Recology, San Francisco’s city waste and recycling management center: four months of unlimited access to a facility where mountains of construction materials, furniture, and the detritus of abandoned houses and apartments pass through and are sorted for reuse. Every artist I’ve met in this program finds something astounding. For me that was scraps of paper with hand-written notes–a letter or poem or record of a dream that somehow caught my eye. The performers are engulfed by materials and costumes created from trash, a dual burden of material and memory that requires some effort to convey. In this excerpt, Ingrid Rojas Contreras reads from a chapter of a book on regression that someone typed out with handwritten notes, Dean Hernandez reads sentences from an English language assignment, Florentina Mocanu-Schendel delivers a shopping list mixed up with sermon notes, and I read from a dream journal written in 1993.

This was made possible by Recology. Special thanks to Deborah Munk, Sharon Spain, Micah Gibson, Alison Pebworth, and Miguel Arzabe.

HD Videos
Objects found in the trash: texts, red soybean shells, crates, display case, light bulbs, rope, and material to construct camera tripods and dollys
TRT 16 min
Recology Artist Residency, San Francisco CA



Lift/Head Filament


I set out to make a replica of my head that would float into the sky. The replica was built from rice paper and had an undercarriage of balsa wood supporting a small candle. Standing in the woods for minutes, I waited, staring at what seemed to be myself. As the candle burned it became lighter and lighter. At the very second it began to leave my hands, the candle had burned through and the wood caught fire, then the paper itself.

HD Video Performance Document
Rice paper, balsa, candle, adhesive
TRT 7 min
In an Elm Grove, CA