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The Wilderness Film Studio is a series that combines plant and animal parts with camera equipment. Clear jellyfish bodies function as camera lenses, sticks and stones as camera stabilizers. These works interrupt the historical narrative of technology as clean and efficient, embodying the photographic process with unpredictability and animism.

The works are meticulously constructed to be fully functional. They are partly inspired by DIY, indie filmmaker blogs, where economical filmmakers show off gimbals and jibs they made from brooms, lawn chairs, dumbbells, and scraps found in the garage. Instead of random household objects, the Wilderness Film Studio uses natural materials*. By placing animal and plant parts in perceptive roles, the Wilderness Film Studio creates the opportunity to reimagine human perception by passing it through the sensory organs of an animal.

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Feral Windscreen
Handmade skunk hair wefts, skunk hide, foam, shotgun microphone, audio recorder, headphones, and c-stand


Stick and Rock Steadicam
Madrone, redwood, white oak, granite rocks, and camera hardware

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Beachcomb Flash Bounce
Various shells (pictured red abalone and sea scallop), flash, custom armature
Each is 16"x12"x9"

*All materials for the Wilderness Film Studio are responsibly collected or purchased without harm to any animal.